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Enrichia is dedicated to one thing, potential. We believe that every individual, team and organization can overcome any challenge, achieve any target or goal by fulfilling their own potential. By helping clients to use both heart and mind in pursuit of their goals, we create the environment for success that our clients seek. As highly experienced, knowledgeable consultants, we offer a range of training, workshop and coaching solutions that are designed to unlock the potential of every client.

Bringing extensive industry experience and exceptional insight, we work with individuals and groups, helping them to grow, learn and gain new skills and understanding to meet the challenges faced in business today. We offer a personalized service that reflects each client’s current situation so that we always provide the most effective approach possible to help every individual or group to achieve their goals.

Development and change require both art and science, with our thoughts, feelings and behaviours working alongside refined processes and methodologies to deliver successful outcomes. Encouraging leaders to embrace both heart and mind brings together everything they need to achieve their goals. It is this holistic approach, combining new approaches with deeper insight into our own motivators that enables Enrichia Learning to produce exceptional outcomes for clients of all kinds.

We are very proud of our track record of success, and we are fully dedicated to maintaining desirable outcomes for every client. Whether assisting with internal conflict resolution or helping leaders implement their ideas in a most structured and effective way, with Enrichia Learning, each client enjoys a bespoke program designed to elevate, enrich and encourage them to reach their potential and achieve their goals.

By unlocking potential, we allow key individuals, teams and organizations to take control of their futures, progress towards their goals and overcome new challenges without external support. We provide the tools and focus that allow our clients to reach beyond old limits, and it is the unleashing of that potential that brings the change you are looking for.

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Elif Suner MBA, M.Ed., MCC, CTDP

President ICF-Ottawa Chapter
Member- Forbes Coaches Council

With over 20+ years of experience spearheading learning, leadership, and talent development in multicultural environments, Elif has established herself as a Learning and Leadership Development thought leader, facilitator, consultant, and coach with a passion for developing unique solutions for better workplaces led by mind and heart. She holds a Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) – Leadership Development at the University of Ottawa and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Likely known for coining the ‘courses to resources’ shift, Elif is an expert when it comes to learning and innovation leadership to drive business results. She has helped multicultural organizations such as Coca-Cola, Reuters, Toyota, Volkswagen, Facebook, Salesforce, Starbucks, YouTube, Google, Stanford Executive Education etc., to figure out where they are, where they want to be, and then help them get there.

As a skilled learning architect and facilitator, Elif loves to see the growth and development happen in front of her eyes in a learning setting and recognizes that much of the real learning takes place back in the workplace. Hence, anything she designs or delivers has a significant connection to real life, enabling learning to continue long after the ‘input’ is over.

Elif has 4,000+ hours in executive/leadership and group coaching, helping over 500 business owners and leaders to achieve their goals and take their business to the next level. Through a focus on positivity, a strategy that embraces both the heart and mind to deliver the leadership that brings success, and a commitment to the uniqueness of each individual, Elif provides the guidance, coaching and insight that help her clients reach their full potential.

Elif is a Global Certified Training and Development Professional, a Forbes Coaches Council member, and a key contributor to Forbes, writing articles about Leadership Development. As a graduate of the Canadian Institute of Conflict Resolution and Conflict Coach of Community Mediation Ottawa, she is happy to serve the community in resolving their conflicts. Elif believes coaching is one of the best tools for learning. She was elected as the President of the International Coaching Federation Ottawa Chapter in 2020 and happy to serve the growth of ‘coaching’ in this capacity.

Certified Third-Party Neutral - Conflict Coach - Canadian Institute of Conflict Resolution

Certified Gestalt Practitioner - Gestalt Center for Coaching

Certified Conscious Business Coach - Fred Kofman

Certified Enneagram Assessor

Certified EQ-i 2.0 Assessor

Expertise topics:

Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Human side of Change and Transition, Self-Management and Self-Confidence, Emotional and Cognitive Agility, Experiential Learning, Gestalt Methodology, Coaching and Mentoring.

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What do we offer?

Through a focus on positivity, a strategy that embraces both the heart and mind to deliver the leadership that brings success, and a commitment to the uniqueness of each individual, we provide the learning, guidance, coaching and insight that help our clients reach their full potential.

We have offerings for individuals, groups and teams and coaches. After the diagnosing stage, we present an individual developmental plan to any party we work with, which is said to be our strength by our clients. In the development plan, there can be a learning, coaching and consulting service or a blended one as a unique solution. 

  • Leadership Development,

  • Learning Design,

  • Experiential Learning,

  • Coaching Circles,

  • Emotional Intelligence,

  • Conflict Management,

  • The human side of Change and Transition,

  • Self-Management and Self-Confidence,

  • Emotional and Cognitive Agility,

  • Gestalt Methodology,

  • Coaching and Mentoring.

Many Fortune 500 Companies around the world have chosen Enrichia as their development partner because it provides one of the best learning settings that participants unlearn, learn and relearn to achieve their goals!

• Specifically designed programs and sessions according to the learning needs, the profile and the organizational culture,

• Engaging learner experience that participants/coachees will love,

• Blended learning options with on-line experiential real-time and self-paced, designed as your needs.

Please contact us for a free info meeting to discuss the unique solutions in the different developmental streams we offer.

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For your career, your team or your organization, having the right skills and understanding has never been more important for success. Our learning solutions help you and your team maintain those for your team or organization to operate at their most effective. We recognize that with ever more demanding schedules, the traditional approach to learning and the one-size-fits-all solution is not the answer, instead, developing a tailored approach that provides the learning, approach and schedule that fits into your schedule.

We know that you and your team are unique, and craft bespoke learning programs designed to meet your specific needs in every situation. From an individual’s learning profile to organizational culture, we evaluate every aspect of each client’s requirements to craft tailored programs that promote the most effective learning approach for every individual or team. We also recognize the importance of an engaging learning experience in maintaining motivation, which itself improves retention and performance throughout the program, again supported by the tailored learning approach unique for every situation.

This personalized learning experience takes full advantage of modern technology, and we can incorporate a range of blended learning options that leverage the accessibility of online delivery and the immediacy of real-time or flexible self-paced options to create the ideal learning environment for every individual. By combining technology with our holistic learning, we bring the heart and mind together to achieve any goal.

We are proud of our strategy, which is proven to be effective in achieving all learning outcomes, helping participants to unlearn, learn and relearn to achieve their goals. From leadership strategies to new ways of overcoming challenges, we help team members, leaders and other key individuals acquire or refine the skills they need to take any organization forward. We create an engaging learning environment that encourages positive thinking and sustainable approaches to obstacles old and new. With our customized learning programs, our clients build the skill set required to achieve current and future goals.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your learning requirements and see how Enrichia can empower your organization through our bespoke learning solutions.  

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We offer a comprehensive coaching solution that recognizes the need for a tailored solution to meet every individual situation. We know that success is more than a moment in time, it is an ongoing journey that you are on. We provide the support you need every step of the way, helping you overcome the challenges and enjoy the successes of your career. We bring the extensive business experience and in-depth insight that provides the platform for success you are looking for.

We offer a completely personalized coaching experience that caters to the need of the individual or group participating. First identifying and clarifying the tasks that are needed/wanted/required to be accomplished, and then setting a clearly defined path to achieving that objective. This includes any learning plan needed to support that transition, but also focuses on the individual or team involved, and how the participant can uncover their own unique qualities and leverage them within their strategy to reach those goals.

By looking within to identify the resources, attributes and abilities needed to achieve any immediate goal, we also help individuals and teams enrich themselves not just now, but for any future challenges too. We encourage leading with both the heart and mind, giving the balanced platform that success can be built on.

Our coaching solutions cover programs for individuals in our one-on-one coaching programs, small groups in our coaching circles and larger groups in our team coaching solutions. In each case, the exact nature of the coaching will be tailored to the individual or group involved but generally will involve regular meetings where issues can be discussed, and solutions found. This is often once or twice a month for a period of several months, but they could be more frequent if the situation dictates that is necessary. While traditional in-person meetings are available for all, coaching is another area that allows technology to facilitate effective strategy, and online meetings ensure our coaching solutions can be enjoyed by organizations around the world.

Whatever your coaching needs, whether for individuals, groups or teams, get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

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We are here to help you maintain competitiveness in our increasingly competitive markets, giving valuable insight and strategy guidance that delivers the results you need. Bringing extensive, relevant industry experience and a proven analytical approach to business functionality, we offer deep, actionable insight into any business, identifying issues and offering effective strategies for improving productivity and maintaining competitiveness.

Dedicated to delivering a positive impact, our team take a holistic approach to business performance, gaining an elevated view of all organizational processes as well as identifying skill-shortages within teams, ensuring that all resources are tailored to future success. We understand the balance of heart and mind required for effective leadership, and help you find the equilibrium that is most effective for your unique situation.

With supportive and actionable strategies that deliver exceptional outcomes that help organizations reach any goal, we provide the guidance and insight needed to help leaders make informed business decisions and capitalize on new opportunities. We always put clients first, taking the time to understand both the business and goals, using that to build strategies designed to support those tasked with implementing them for superior outcomes.

Whatever your objectives, our bespoke consultancy solutions provide the roadmap to success. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your organization take the next step forward and achieve your goals.

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“Elif is an outstanding facilitator and coach, working with individuals and teams alike. She worked with my team over some months and helped us move towards a much stronger, healthier and productive unit. During this time Elif went above and beyond the letter of our agreement, extending and sharing her professional expertise and passion to support, guide and enrich our journey. I recommend her without hesitation.”


Heidi Lamont,

Regional Head of Human Resources -

The Coca-Cola Company

Our Clients

We work with leading organizations around the world in diversified industries. Enrichia serves many Fortune 500 companies and public sector clients. We help technology, business and social innovators. Our client footprint includes;

  • Six of the top ten high-tech companies in the world,

  • World's largest CRM and customer experience companies,

  • Four of the top ten hotel chains in the world,

  • World's leading social media brands,

  • Europe's largest leisure services provider,

  • Wolrd's leading financial services organizations,

  • Three of the top ten global automotive brands,

  • Two of the big four accounting firms,

  • World's leading beverage brand,

  • Three global pharmaceutical companies,

  • Tens of retailers, manufacturing and service companies.

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As a member of Forbes Coaches Council, Elif Suner has articles printed in Forbes about Learning and Leadership Development and as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council - Expert Panel, she is contributing to the Leadership Development articles with other Leadership Experts in Forbes.

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Enrichia Inc.

18 King Street East Suite 1400

Toronto, ON


+1 613 668 9971

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